About the Project

Azure has hundreds of services to offer from compute, networking and storage, through to data, analytics and machine learning. Choosing the right product for you, when building or hosting applications can become a tricky task (pun intended). We aim showcase the different products available, with live demos and code examples.

We've build a task list application, much like Wunderlist, but without all the bells and whistles. You can create lists and assign tasks to your lists with due dates and notes. Then mark them as complete when your done.

The app is simple by design, our goal is to show how Azure cloud technolgies can be used and fit together, not to get bogged down in the complexities of the application domain.

Each example demonstrates a different way in which the same application can be built, deployed, hosted and scaled. Finally looking into productionising the application by implementing security, identity, monitoring and reporting.

User Interface & Features

  • Tasks - Organise your workload with tasks
  • Lists - Group related tasks in named lists
  • Due Dates - So you dont miss your deadlines
  • Notes - Ensure all your ideas are captured
  • Prioritise - Important tasks stand out from the rest
  • Completion - For when your tasks are complete

Try it out yourself

A working demo of the application features can be found at http://demo.azurelists.com. The contents of the demo site are reset periodically.


The project is maintained by Steve Leonard and Jim Paine